Mounties targeting drunk and distracted drivers this summer

Mounties targeting drunk and distracted drivers this summer

RCMP is taking extra measures to ensure traffic safety in Sooke this summer

RCMP will increase patrols for drunk and distracted drivers this summer, with a special emphasis on Sooke Road.

The Island is quickly filling up with tourists and people are often out enjoying alcoholic beverages, said Sgt. Alex Yelovatz.

“Our biggest concern is the impaired and distracted drivers,” Yelovatz said.

“We want to make sure people are always getting home safe.”

Staff Sgt. Jeff McArthur said Sooke RCMP have installed more radars in their vehicles to help with speed enforcement.

“There’s no question that the summer traffic puts more pressure on the highway,” McArthur said. “We’ve definitely noticed more accidents lately.”

He said police are spending a lot of time in dangerous sections of Sooke Road to help prevent people from speeding in unsafe situations.

Local Mounties are working with the Integrated Road Safety Unit , which consists of RCMP and municipal police officers in Greater Victoria, to focus on high-risk driving habits such as speeding, unsecured seat belts and aggressive, distracted or impaired driving.

“We are heavily involved along the highway from Sooke all the way up to Port Renfrew,” McArthur said.

“More traffic means there’s more that needs to be done.”