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Black Press File Photo

New numbers confirm 2018 worst fire season on record for B.C.

With 2,115 fires and 1.35 million hectares burned

With wildfires already burning in our neighbouring province, thoughts of last year’s smoke-filled summer are hot on the minds of residents.

While officials are already taking steps to prevent another devastating season, the memory of last year hangs in the air.

In 2018 B.C. experienced the worst fire season on record with more than 2,000 fires and 1.35 million hectares burned according to new statistics released by Statistics Canada.

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Wildfires in the province accounted for 60 per cent of the total burned area in Canada in 2018, more than a 50 per cent jump for the 7 per cent average in the years between 1990 to 2018.

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A estimated $615 million was spent on fire management and suppression operations in 2018 but the additional costs associated with evacuation and property lost are not yet available.

According to Statistics Canada all air quality measuring stations had at least one day where Air Quality Health Index observations reached 7 or higher which is considered a high health risk.

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