Oak Bay Police use fun tweet to share serious message

Oak Bay Police use fun tweet to share serious message

Police responded to a dog in a hot car call on July 18, prompting the tweet

After a call for a dog in a hot car yesterday, Oak Bay Police took to Twitter today using a model dog.

Oak Bay Police were called July 18 around 4 p.m. to the 500 block of Beach Drive.

“A dog was left in a locked and otherwise unoccupied vehicle and the dog appeared to be in some distress,” said Oak Bay Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties, adding the owners arrived before the cops did.

“The dog was fine ultimately and the people were warned,” Bernoties said. “This was likely inappropriate oversight rather than malicious intent but that doesn’t protect the dog.

“We do get these calls from time to time especially in areas near beaches where dogs are not permitted,” Bernoties said.

With that in mind, staff called on an employee’s dog, Molly, to model for a mindful Twitter photo. They dolled her up in Oak Bay Police Department gear in a bid to draw attention to the cause.

“The intent of our Tweet was to ensure continued awareness on this issue,” Bernoties said. “If you try to get a little creative with social media sometimes you create awareness. That’s the goal.”



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