SEAPARC manager Steve Knoke is thrilled with the bright airy fitness facility that will soon be opening at SEAPARC Lesiure Complex. (Tim Collins - Black Press)

SEAPARC manager Steve Knoke is thrilled with the bright airy fitness facility that will soon be opening at SEAPARC Lesiure Complex. (Tim Collins - Black Press)

SEAPARC fitness facility expansion set to open

The $3.4-million addition arrives in time for New Year’s resolutions

Fitness fans will soon have a new facility in Sooke where they’ll be able to lift, cycle, stretch, sweat, and strain their way to a healthier lifestyle.

The new 6,000-foot fitness facility at SEAPARC is close to opening.

Looking over the newly arrived spin cycles and treadmills SEAPARC manager Steve Knoke could hardly contain his excitement.

“We’ve started receiving the equipment now, and it’s very exciting. We have about 40 per cent of it in and are just waiting for some of the other weight training machines, the free weights and benches and some other items to come in. Once their here, we’re set to go,” Knoke said.

Funding for the $3.4-million expansion at SEAPARC was approved in July 2018 and since then the architect, designers and building trades have been hard at work to deliver the facility to Sooke Region residents.

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“The general public is just going to be blown away when they come in here and see what’s been done,” SEAPARC board chair Al Beddows said as he surveyed the large, airy space.

And though the fitness space will have an age restriction (16 years of age and over) it has the potential of tying into kid’s activities in another way.

“It’s going to be a great place for people to come work out and it will also gives parents another option when they bring their youngsters to the pool or arena for the kid’s activities. You won’t have to just sit there reading a book while you wait,” Beddows said.

The facility was carefully designed following a significant amount of consultation and consideration of what makes for the best environment for those who want to work out.

“As you can see, this space is incredibly bright and open. There was really careful consideration of all aspects of the facility, including the flooring, the lighting, the window space, the air exchange … everything,” Knoke said.

“The space will be maintained at a steady 17 degrees for maximum comfort and the air exchange will ensure that this facility never has that work out gym smell.”

Beyond the state-of-the-art bikes, treadmills, weight equipment and more in the main fitness area, the new addition has a large multi-purpose room that can be closed off from the main area to allow for structured fitness classes and other events.

“You can even see this space being used for something like birthday parties for children. They’ll be able to have their party here and then go on to skate or swim,” Knoke said.

Once the fitness area opens, SEAPARC will have weight room attendants on duty to help newcomers navigate the equipment and help to suggest an exercise regime. More formal fitness instruction is also anticipated.

“This is a great opportunity for people in the community to step up as well,” Knoke said.

“If you’re really expert at fitness cycling, for example, come we invite you to come see us and maybe you can become a spin class instructor.”

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