Sooke Brewing Company open for business Nov. 20

Sooke Brewing Company open for business Nov. 20

The happy hour we’ve all been waiting for is within arms reach: Sooke Brewing Company is opening its doors on Nov. 20.

The $2 million project has been in the works for approximately two and a half years, and is set to welcome the public in at 11 am on Monday.

Carl Scott, owner of the building, said the opening is going to be low key, but hopes to possibly have a more formal grand opening event in the spring.

There will be four beers ready to go on tap for the opening, and Scott said the brewery will continue to have staple beers, but is leaving it up to the brewer to experiment and expects there to be a lot of rotating beers.

“He’s got a lot of experience and he’s a phenomenal brewer, I’ve tried a lot of his beers and they are great so that is totally his department,” said Scott. “John’s got a lot of different recipes, so we’ll let him use his discretion on that.”

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Six employees, plus the brewer and a general manager will make up the staff of the new facility, which will seat 25 people inside. The brewery will also allow an additional 30 on the patio outside, which is set to be finished come summer time.

“The lounge area inside will be great for people to come and relax. We’ll have music playing and a T.V. on the wall, but we will be looking towards distribution in the future as well,” said Scott. “We’ve already have a lot of response from local restaurants wanting our product so that’s something we’ll expand in to for sure.”

Hours of operation are currently 11 am-7 pm Sunday to Wednesday and 11 am-10 pm Thursday to Saturday, but Scott said the company is currently working on having the hours expanded.

“It’s been a big job, but it’s nice to see the brewery finally come together and be ready to go. I think it’s a pretty neat addition to Sooke so it will be nice to see it up and running,” said Scott.