Sooke Council to review Lot A and cannabis regulations

Sooke Council to review Lot A and cannabis regulations

Reports will set the stage for future Council action

Sooke District Council’s Committee of the Whole will meet tonight (Jan. 21) at 7:00 p.m. at the Council Chamber on Otter Point Road.

Two items will be on the agenda of the meeting, both of which have the potential to impact the character of life in Sooke, but in very different ways.

The first item is a report on the public input provided to Council through the recent Lot A charette (public meeting) hosted by Keycorp Planning. The report will outline the input that was received at that charette and present a concept plan to Council for consideration.

There will also be a request for further public input.

The second item on the agenda will address the proposed application process and regulations governing cannabis retail stores in the community.

Although some retail outlets have continued to operate in the municipality, the bylaws and procedures governing the application process for these and any new outlets still need to be enacted.

This report and the subsequent actions of Council will set the stage for the future of retail cannabis outlets in Sooke.