Photo by Kevin Laird/Sooke News Mirror

Photo by Kevin Laird/Sooke News Mirror

Sooke Road bus pullouts now operational, says province

Pullouts are located at the West Shore Parkway, Laidlaw Road and Harbourview Road

They may have taken longer than expected to complete, but three new sets of bus pullouts are now complete along Highway 14, the B.C. Transportation Ministry announced Friday.

The pullouts, on both sides of Highway 14, are located at the West Shore Parkway, Laidlaw Road and Harbourview Road. They allow buses to move fully out of traffic, reducing congestion and the risk of collisions, while providing a safe area for transit users to enter and exit the buses.

Construction of the pullouts came under scrutiny earlier this year when six newly constructed bus stop cement pads along Sooke Road were rebuilt due to incorrect sizing.

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The new pullouts have deceleration and acceleration lanes, new bus shelters, railings and enhanced lighting at all six stops. The stops at Laidlaw and Harbouview also have new, illuminated crosswalks, allowing pedestrian traffic to safely cross Highway 14, in order to access or depart from the new bus stop locations.

The pullouts were the first step in the province’s $10-million investment in immediate upgrades on Highway 14, as part of the multi-phased safety, transit and congestion improvement strategy announced in January. More potential upgrades are under development in consultation with the community.

The ministry recently completed lighting upgrades at each intersection on Highway 14 between Highway 1 and the Sooke River Bridge. As well, new safety signs are now visible at Kangaroo, Gillespie and Parkland roads, the ministry said in a statement.

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