Whiffin Spit Road dangerous for pedestrians, says Sooke resident

Whiffin Spit Road dangerous for pedestrians, says Sooke resident

A Sooke resident is upset with the lack of sidewalks along Whiffin Spit Road in Sooke.

Wayne Colley, who often walks or uses a scooter to get around from place to place, says that people often honk, yell, or even swerve at him while he is trying to ride along the road, but there is no where else for him to go.

He explained that Whiffen Spit Road, along with the left side of the road from the Prestige to Maple Road, is not safe for people on scooters or pedestrians as there is no lane, sidewalk, or path for them to travel on.

“It wouldn’t cost that much for them to pave a few feet for a bike lane or path for people to walk or scooter,” Colley said. “It’s practically hell on wheels trying to ride along there.”

He said there is an area that has gravel but often cars are parked along it, forcing him and pedestrians to walk or scooter along the road with traffic.

Sooke Mayor Maja Tait says Whiffin Spit Road is a challenge because of how long it is, and because it’s off the service road.

“We are working on improving sidewalk and trail systems throughout the municipality,” Tait said. “We finally just got some sidewalk work done within the town centre recently so it’s ongoing.”

She said it’s important to improve the sidewalk system in Sooke in order to make pedestrians safer and to improve resident access because there is no safe place to walk along Whiffin Spit.

“It’s bit by bit, we will just keep working away at it,” Tait said. “It’s all a priority, of course, but right now we are just looking at connections within the town centre.”