A pipeline’s shaky finances

A pipeline’s shaky finances

A reader wants more financial details on Trans Mountain pipline’s financial picture

I am disappointed in the federal government’s decision to invest heavily in the Trans Mountain pipeline, and its continued use of tax dollars to expand oil production rather than phasing out this antiquated industry.

I think it’s time for the Trudeau government to reveal to us, the owners of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the full financial picture. How much have we spent so far, what the long term costs will be, and at what point, if ever, will this project really start funding our long overdue transition to a carbon-less future?

Explain to me how any of this makes any sense as we face a rapidly decreasing opportunity to turn things around?

Please give us full transparency on the grand plan and its true costs so we can hope to see the light.

Alison Garrett Hanneson, Sooke