Affordable housing – but at what cost?

Affordable housing – but at what cost?

We all realize Sooke is growing and that there’s a real need for affordable housing, but at what cost?

A notice arrived on our doorstep recently, announcing a meeting to hear a proposal from Habitat for Humanity who wish to rezone land on Murray Road to allow the building of three housing units to accommodate 12 families.

There is already a lack of designated green space, yet there are currently large tracts open for development within the town core.

Murray Road is already a busy street and traffic will become a serious issue in the event this project is undertaken, and it makes no sense to me where there will be children of these families at risk.

If this proposal is approved, where shall we expect to find another park, a few shade trees, a bit of green space, a spot of relief from unfettered growth perpetuated by those who would line their pockets by cramming innocent families into units of ever diminishing size?

Peter Harris