An ode to the coronavirus

An ode to the coronavirus

To salute all the first responders I have composed a new song. The music is supplied by the top pop group of Vienna: Ludwig and the Danube Boys. Ludwig has dedicated the tune to his ninth girlfriend after she had loaned him a few schillings to tide him over when work was few and he was moonlighting. It’s called Owed to Joy.

The musically inclined reader will be able to sing along as the syllable count coincides with the beat. Well, nearly.

Corona virus is quite deadly

and might become the death of you.

Heed the doctors, do their bidding

Then you’ll have a breath or two

Keep your distance, six feet will do it

and wash your hands quite frequently

Then you’ll have a longer lifeline

and live until eternity.

Well, almost.

Fred Whittaker


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