Can’t we live within our means?

Can’t we live within our means?

Re: Public weighs in on civic budget (News, Jan. 29)

Here’s my say on how our municipal tax money is spent – with a 7.17 per cent tax increase last year and 6.58 per cent tax hike planned for this year.

Why do we need to spend $50,000 of money we don’t have for a Whiffin Spit memorial wall?

Why spend $212,000 on electric charging stations? The municipality doesn’t need to spend this amount to support a municipal fleet of electric vehicle does it? And if it does was there a cost/benefit analysis to determine if it makes financial sense to go electric? If electric charging stations are for public consumption, shouldn’t the electric vehicle owner pay for their own charging stations and electric costs? Both of these expenditures fall into the “nice to have” category.

Two tax increases in back-to-back years that are more than three times the rate of inflation is unsustainable. Can’t we not live within our means?

Jay Ryan


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