Catholic problem simple - start another church

Catholic problem simple – start another church

Re: Apologies to good Catholics everywhere (Rickter Scale, Oct. 3)

It’s good that Rick Stiebel is concerned about something real instead of imagined sins of the blustering U.S. president.

There’s a simple solution to the church’s problem, exemplified by the Protestant Reformation in Europe centuries ago – individuals fired the church, and started another. Perhaps that’s one reason for decline of the Anglican church offshoot of the Catholic church, after the scandals here.

I bet the church poohbahs will hear the wakeup call of massive loss of funds from fewer donations, as that would jeopardize their cushy positions.

The fundamental problem is collectivism, which teaches that the group is more important than individuals thus they can be sacrificed to it. That was seen in the abuse of boys by a football coach at Penn State University which feared loss of donations, in evasion by the Boy Scouts organization here. As well as in violence by neo-Marxist activists who have taken an ideology on faith but are unable or unwilling to debate civilly.

Keith Sketchley