Climate is not warming at an alarming rate

Climate is not warming at an alarming rate

RE: Don’t be fooled by misinformation (Letters, April 25)

Letter-writer Jan Slakov jumps from a poll showing good support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion to a conspiracy theory that “big oil” determined the results of the survey.

He then proceeds to peddle the lie that oil companies reality is that they recognized the question as important so dug into it, including by funding research at universities.

What Slakov misses is that the climate is not warming at an alarming rate, and that the physics of greenhouse gas molecules limits the amount of temperature rise that CO2 can cause, to a small amount most of which has already been realized. That’s because of the saturation effect of energy flow from overlap of absorption/emission spectra of carbon dioxide and the most common greenhouse gas named dihydrogen monoxide. It’s basic physics that alarmists ignore.

I hope Earth’s climate gets up to that of the Medieval Warm Period when Vikings farmed southwest Greenland, as warm is better for humans and our food source (plants).

Slakov’s terms like “big oil” and “corporate greed” give the impression he believes the drive-to-the-bottom of Marxism, which never protected anyone let alone fed them. That belief is rooted in denial of the effectiveness of the human mind for life, including figuring out things instead of fantasizing.

Keith Sketchley, Saanich