Council legacy not wanted

I am very concerned as I watch the CRD and Sooke council systematically change the lay of the land that we have known since the time we were kids (Sooke resident since 1971).

I took the time to come to a council meetig a couple of weeks ago, the whole process was a painful waste of my time.

Now I know how all these changes get pushed through. As an elected council you need to start listening to all the people of Sooke. Some of you seem to think a guy like Terrance Martin is a pain in your *** but he has been speaking for guys like me who hate writing in every week.

I have watched how the council has made fast decisions that affect generations and I am not happy (boat ramp deal to name one).

Don’t let Harbourview be the next legacy of this mayor and council (which all your names are attached to).

Kari Lindroos