LETTER: Council urged to call referendum on John Phillips Memorial Park project


What is Sooke council up to?

The alternative approved process used by council for public input was unfair and could not truly reflect the taxpayers’ opinions of this pristine and unique open space. Only a full referendum could indicate the viewpoints and opinions of the taxpayers and ensure that council truly reflects their wishes. This is the democratic process.

The Sept. 30 issue of the Sooke News Mirror reported that most council members favoured the proposed development. Indeed, we read of the unsolicited opinions of councillors Tony St-Pierre and Dana Lajeunesse supporting the Sooke Lions Club proposal. All this before an accurate depiction of public opinion.

We are losing our open spaces due to development. The Wadams Way farm is now permanently lost to allow for mixed private housing.

As the population of Sooke continues to grow, we need to add new parkland for public use.

I challenge the current caretakers of John Phillips Memorial, Sooke council, to hold a referendum to assess its taxpayers’ wishes and to abide by its findings. This is the only democratic way.

Listen and respect the taxpayers’ will, council. Remember, they are your employers.

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E. Anderson



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