Council watchers are not prattlers

Council watchers are not prattlers

Readers take exception to ‘demeaning comments’

Re: Time to stop the silly shots (Our View, March 6)

In last week’s editorial, you called interested people coming to council, voicing concerns and asking questions as prattlers (to talk in a foolish or a simple-minded way; chatter; babble).

Council meetings are open and opportunity for the public to comment for a reason.

We have free speech in Canada, but if we neglect to use it we lose it.

Instead of moaning and groaning about how long the meetings are and, oh no, here comes another question, be grateful there’s someone concerned enough about their community to take the time to study the agenda, research and take time out of their lives to attend meetings and say what others may think, but may be afraid to say, because they may be called a prattler or such.

I would expect an apology from the editor for such demeaning comments of caring citizens. We are not paid and often it costs us money to do the research.

I know myself and Gail Hall bear no malice. We just want the rules to be followed for everyone and, of course, curb unnecessary spending and for council to be smart with our tax dollar.

We’re not prattlers.

Ellen Lewers and Gail Hall