District should buy Lions park

District should buy Lions park

Re: Affordable housing – but at what cost? (Letters, July 25)

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to the Sooke Lions Club for the park that they bought and looked after for many years for the people of Sooke.

I know my children and grandchildren spent many happy there, playing with all the nice things the Lions club members put up – slides, teeter-totters, swings – a wide array of things over the years. Finally it became too much for them to maintain and they decided to sell the park and do something else.

Now the last green space in the downtown area will be sold.

Even now, with no benches to sit on, people still enjoy the park – enjoying the trees and the calmness of the green space as compared to the malls and the parking lots and gas stations that comprise the rest of downtown.

My wish is that the District of Sooke buys this property from the Lions club as a park – preserving this for the people of Sooke. And this time, perhaps volunteers – friends of the park – can keep it clean, tidy and loved.

After all, we are the volunteer capital of B.C. … or used to be.

J. Planes