EDITORIAL: Moonfist accomplishments and the reason to do more

EDITORIAL: Moonfist accomplishments and the reason to do more

Sifu Moonfist is certainly getting his due from the community.

And it’s well deserved.

Moonfist, as he is most commonly referred to, has been tidying the community for years and has asked nothing in return.

He is one of the most familiar figures in town with his orange vest and work boots.

In recent weeks, Moonfist has been lauded by council with a $500 honorarium and local business owner David Evans hosted a special ceremony last week to make him an official Sooke superhero, with cape and all.

Now Mayor Maja Tait is mulling the idea of creating a Moonfist Day next spring.

The day would honour Moonfist, but at the same time be used as a community clean up.

The idea is anyone who is interested in participating would clean up their yard or business

in the morning and then gather and be dispatched to various area to do community clean up in the afternoon.

“Moonfist has always wanted to demonstrate how one person can make a difference in the community … this would showcase that,” Mayor Tait said.

But council could do much more.

Instead of a day just for Moonfist, perhaps as Coun. Ebony Logins suggests, council declare a Volunteer Day mixed in with a community-wide clean up event.

There are many people and organizations in our community who work tirelessly to keep our community clean, from adopt-a-highway programs and beach clean ups right through to those who take it upon themselves to pick up litter.

“I do think it would be important to make it a larger vision,” Coun. Logins said.

“There is a higher message here. It’s not just about someone doing roadside clean up, but volunteer appreciation.”

We couldn’t agree more.