Environmentalists can’t put facts together

Many environmentalists and tree huggers lack common sense, says reader

Environmentalists can’t put facts together

I’m struggling to find a word to describe the learning speed of tree-huggers.

They have not grasped that trees grow – planted by animals, birds, winds, and even humans.

Eco-activists refuse to accept that Earth’s climate is not warming at a rapid rate. They refuse to accept the fundamental physics of greenhouse gas molecules, limiting the effect CO2 can have on climate temperature.

And Doreen Barratt (Letters, Sept. 24) falsely sees trees as the salvation from the smoke created by forest fires – but that problem at this distance is particles in the air, not lack of oxygen that trees produce.

Turtles are smarter than some humans; they try to live a turtle life with the brain they have instead of working against life as human activists do.

Worse, if you scratch an eco-activist, as I often have in debate figuratively, you’ll find the denial of the human mind. Look at their beliefs about social ethics and economic productivity, which come from the most murderous ideology of the 20th Century – Marxism, which doesn’t take care of the environment, it can’t even feed the people it oppresses.

Though speed is not as much the problem as a direct inability to think for life, part of that is a failure to integrate – a failure to think of all factors and prioritize their impact and value.

Keith Sketchley




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