Fly the flag boldly – and celebrate Canada

Reader says Canada is a beautiful, free and prosperous nation


How pleasant to see our traffic roundabout adorned with Canada bunting; it’s a reminder of our heritage and of the fact that we live in the finest country in the world.

Many people have emigrated to Canada over the years and have contributed to our well-being and prosperity and have themselves enjoyed the benefits of a beautiful, free and prosperous country.

Sadly, today, others disrespect our nation by revising past events in our history by slandering our forebears who built up our country, defacing and removing statues of prominent men and women, even some municipalities. Shame on them!

I suggest we ignore such negativity and disrespect to our nation and rejoice that we all celebrate our good luck living in such a great country. Fly the bold and colourful national flag, fly it boldly and celebrate our glorious land.

Errol Anderson


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