Food safety and security is important

Food safety and security is important

Re: A date with spontaneous expiration (Rickter Scale, July 4)

First of all, it’s unfortunate Rick Stiebel suffered food poisoning, what a horrible experience.

Rick’s mention of Best Before Dates leaves a question in my mind about his caesar salad dressing.

If that bottle of dressing was previously opened, then the BBD does not apply. In fact once any food item is opened, it’s exposed to air and the normal bacteria process is initiated and it starts to spoil.

In the case of this dressing, once opened then 60 days after opening chuck it out. If at all in doubt throw it out. The best before date does not apply to any item that has been opened.

A very informative site to go to is, and on this site you will find useful information on food dates, as well as many links to government and private sites that deal with food safety.

If anyone wants to chat with me about this, then drop over to the basement of the Sooke Community Hall on Thursdays, and as a food bank volunteer I would be very happy to chat with you.

Food safety and security is so important.

Mike Thomas