Fred’s Bed has a nice ring to it

Fred’s Bed has a nice ring to it

Your more diligent readers, or at least those with a serviceable memory, will recall my coincidental meetings with our premier at the airport and a hotel in Revelstoke where we talked about Highway 14 and a medical facility in Sooke.

After our initial meeting at the airport, the highway got upgraded within months, and I thanked him for that in Revelstoke.

I then reminded him about the medical facility for Sooke. He sidestepped that one at that time and then … waddyaknow, the Sooke News Mirror broke the news that an announcement for a new medical facility is “weeks away.” Well, whoopee!

Realistically, I know that our brief meetings probably had little to do with the highway improvement and the medical facility, but well, you never can tell.

Do I want recognition for my admittedly minor role? I do not.

But, if a bed say, in the new facility was named after me I wouldn’t object. Just a little brass plaque with my name and some space for an award from B.C. would suffice, I think.

“Fred’s Bed” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Nothing special, you know.

Fred Whittaker