Highway 40 years in the making

Highway 40 years in the making

Readers says there’s an easy solution to Sooke Road

Re: Road plans frustrate residents (News, April 3)

The Highways Ministry will displace many people from Sooke Road to build another Malahat, with a hodgepodge of roads – two lanes and four lanes.

If Sooke Road is bad for accidents now, I think we will see a lot more, with people racing on these short pieces.

I went to an open house last year and there was a bunch of pictures to look at, one was green with a yellow line through it. I asked the lady from the Highways Ministry what it was, and she said that it was the rest of the four lanes to Sooke. I asked when they were going to finish it and she walked away.

If the water board doesn’t like the public getting into its land, put up a chain link fence on both sides, and then put a large steal culvert under the road to access it.

I built these on Highway 16 in northern B.C. for the farmers, and they were big enough to drive a truck, farm equipment, and cattle through. It can be done.

This whole thing is about as smart as a sack of hammers. I worked on the four lanes to Sooke when I worked for highways in Langford. At the time they stopped building, they said they ran out of money and would finish it later. It’s only been 40 years.

Gordon Stewart

Otter Point