Learn to signal in the roundabout

Learn to signal in the roundabout

Re: Cameras needed in roundabout (Letters, Sept. 12)

I say “I”, C. J. Malowney, but good luck trying to get anything done to help drivers navigate our roundabout.

I contacted the city and the RCMP about putting a “Signal when exiting” sign at the four exits but was told that it’s not necessary – that common sense will suffice.

Common sense only applies when we already know what to do.

Obviously, drivers do not know that the vehicle already in the roundabout has the right-of-way and vehicles wanting to enter it have to wait for an opening. People don’t know that they’re required to signal when about to exit so a driver waiting to enter the roundabout can safely do so.

If not a camera on site at least spend some time down there observing these infractions that C. J. Malowney is talking about.

Lucille Barfield