LETTER: Action needed now on old-growth logging

Last summer we travelled from Victoria to Port Renfrew with our daughters so that they could experience the majesty and beauty of Avatar Grove, the ancient forest right here on the Island.

We were absolutely mesmerized by these incredible gentle giants, many as large as 40 feet across and as high as 20 storeys. It would be an absolute travesty to desecrate these last remaining ecosystems of sanctity. The forests provide not only beauty for us to look at, but invaluable habitat for many of the animals that depend on it.

Our government has had a report done on handling old-growth logging and must act on this immediately. Just like the Carmanah Valley protests that took place in the ’70s and ’80s we must support and encourage the sheer dedication these young people possess. They recognize the fragility of nature and the need to fight for what is sacred and disappearing alarmingly fast.

This a perfect example of a David and Goliath story. I just pray that we as a society realize it is far better to have more Davids than pillaging Goliaths. We must act now and start promoting these iconic significant examples of Mother Nature in our tourism sector. They are far more valuable to our province as an “eco experience” than as an unsustainable commodity.

Rachel McDonnell

Oak Bay