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LETTER: Age-restricted buildings aren’t discrimination

The letter calling for abolishing 55-plus age-restricted buildings appears to be reverse discrimination at its finest. I am astonished that someone could feel so harshly toward seniors.

I realize and sympathize that housing affordability and availability are huge roadblocks to renting or owning a home but I don’t think fitting seniors into a “one-size-fits-all” housing situation or at the other end of the spectrum where seniors could get care, as the writer suggests, are the answers.

I believe seniors have earned the right to live in a quieter environment if they choose at that stage of their life and I believe that right should be respected, not attacked and called out for being “age-based discrimination” or “old white privilege.”

I believe when all ages live in the same building it is a blessing to both the young and the old but if someone is past the stage in their life where either the happy or unhappy noises of children are best left to the younger generation, then let’s honour that choice. Many independent seniors have mobility issues and need a walker or a cane, and at that point rambunctious children in hallways are a liability.

I am a senior, and believe me we do not “run the show,” but we do expect some respect, dignity and understanding to be shown.

Merle Somers