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LETTER: Air conditioning contributing to climate change

So here we are in the Big Heat — when many of us lament the loss of our temperate climate. It’s a bit sickening. And it can only get worse because not enough is being done to stop the climate change gradually oppressing the Earth.

And contributing to that demise are all of us driving around in our air-conditioned cars. Granted the a/c is essential for some, especially under this Heat Dome, but every year when temperatures hit 19 C and so many cars are seen with windows all rolled up, one can’t help wondering how we are contributing to the problem.

It’s known that using air conditioning decreases the efficiency of our engines unless at highway speeds, consumes more gasoline and spews carbon unnecessarily into our otherwise beautiful west coast environment.

Come on South Islanders. How can we pride ourselves on being health-conscious and environmentally aware while behaving in ways which will ultimately contribute to the demise of our healthy planet?

Mary Hogan