LETTER: Ancient forests must be protected

In regards to Fairy Creek, where else in the world do you see trees as old as 2,000 years and 20 storeys tall? Trees older than Notre-Dame in Paris, older than Machu Picchu in Peru and older than Tiananmen Square in China. Some of the world’s largest Douglas firs, Sitka spruces and ancient cedars.

But you better hurry if you want to see them. The BC NDP government (who promised to protect them not only during the last election but for years as the opposition) has allowed forest company Teal Jones to cut them down near Fairy Creek by Port Renfrew.

It will take more than 30 human generations to see trees this old again. We are the last generation to see these ancient forests. We are the generation that is allowing this to happen.

Take your kids and grandkids, but be prepared to answer: “Why?”

Maureen Fitzmaurice


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