LETTER: Anti-semitism definition lacking

Re: We must identify anti-Semitism and combat it (Online, Feb. 26)

I agree entirely with Noah Lewis in his reply to my letter (Feb. 25) that it is necessary to have a clear definition of anti-Semitism to identify and combat this growing scourge effectively.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism, cited by Mr. Lewis, does not provide.

The IHRA definition itself is unclear and imprecise, and some of the examples appended to the definition could ban or deter legitimate free speech that is critical of the policies of the government of Israel. Of the 11 “examples” included with the IHRA definition, seven refer to Israel.

On this basis, a growing number of organizations that have studied the matter carefully, including municipalities and universities, have withheld adopting the IHRA definition.

For further information, including a short YouTube video and an alternative proposed definition of anti-Semitism, I would invite readers to view the NOIHRA website (noihra.ca) sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices Canada.

Peter Stokoe



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