LETTER: Anti-Semitism on the left


In the Feb. 4 Sooke News Mirror editorial on “Why it’s important kids learn about the Holocaust,” the worldwide upsurge in antisemitism is attributed to right-wing extremists.

This assertion that white nationalists and neo-Nazis are the primary sources of “anti-Semitic attacks” is inaccurate.

In Europe, the far-right attacks on Jews are heavily outweighed by Muslim supremacists’ attacks, just as terrorist attacks on European populations generally are by Muslim supremacists.

In Canadian and American universities, anti-Semitism is the work of the green-black-red alliance of Islamic supremacists, black nationalists, anticolonialist, pro-Palestinian, progressives Marxists.

As a recent article in the Jewish Tablet Magazine puts it, “On the left, calls to destroy Israel mingled easily with attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions in anti-racist crusades from campuses to commercial strips, to public school curricula that mention Jews only to invoke their ‘privilege.’”

In the U.S. House of Representatives, the fonts of multiple antisemitic remarks are the Somali Ilhan Omar and the Palestinian Rashida Tlaib.

Progressives and other leftists consistently blame the white “far-right” (which usually means anyone to the right of Fidel Castro) for bigotry and violence.

The bigotry and violence of the left and protected minority activists, and the leftist politicians who encourage them, seen in the many urban riots of 2020, are hidden by the misdirection of public attention to the nasty but negligible white supremacist and neo-Nazi (truly) “far-right.”

Philip Carl Salzman​



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