LETTER: Are candidates serious about climate change?

Or are they are happy to help burn B.C. to the ground? Readers asks


Re: New eight-lane ‘immersed tube’ to replace Massey Tunnel (Online, Aug. 18).

The provincial government is banking on federal funding for another urban highway expansion boondoggle that undermines Canada’s climate commitments. The answer must be a hard no.

The 2016 Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change calls for shifting funds from highway expansion to public transit. The federal Liberal, NDP and Green parties supported the framework and must now show this was more than a cynical spin.

B.C. is on fire. We can see and smell that the climate emergency is here and now. Urban highway expansion increases climate pollution and makes traffic worse. This $4-billion boondoggle is a good test to see if federal candidates are serious about climate action or if they are happy to help burn B.C. to the ground.

Eric Doherty



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