LETTER: Bad driving an everyday occurrence

Reader says Sooke driver needs to learn rules of the road

LETTER: Bad driving an everyday occurrence

Re: Drivers are getting worse, just ask me (Opinion, Feb. 26)

It’s not often that I agree with Tim Collins’ take on things but I appreciate his latest column on driving habits in B.C.

Watching today’s drivers around Sooke I’m glad I no longer work for ICBC where I was community relations manager for 15 years. I would be having nightmares! The nuttiness witnessed every day around Evergreen Centre and our infamous roundabout is living proof.

As I wrote last year, is it too much to ask that drivers, not just passing through the roundabout on Highway 14, to use their directional signals. I don’t know anybody who can read minds about others driving intents and it sure would make like easier – and safer! – if they used their signal control.

And then of course there are the daily hazards of driving what I call the “Otter Point 500.” It seems you just don’t belong on Otter Point Road unless you are driving at least 20 clicks over the limit; a foot or two in the opposing lane; and have the mandatory few headlights or taillights burned out.

And it goes without saying that the rules of the road just don’t apply to bicyclists, pedestrians, and too many senior citizens on battery driven carts.

Andy Neimers


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