LETTER: Bike lanes an obstacle to emergency response

This is a hypothetical 911 call.

DISPATCHER – 911, what is your emergency?

CALLER – A lady has fallen on the sidewalk on Wharf just north of Fort (by new bike lanes).

DISPATCHER – Is she conscious?

CALLER – Yes she is conscious – did I mention she is pregnant?

DISPATCHER – Well as you know now with the new bike lanes on Wharf – if traffic is backed up we cannot access that area.

CALLER – Well traffic is backed up for two blocks on Wharf Street – what should I do?

DISPATCHER- Check with one of the local stores nearby and see if you can borrow a dolly. Then wheel the pregnant lady on the dolly up to Fort/Douglas – we will wait there for you. So we can identify you – what are you wearing?

CALLER – Does it really matter what I am wearing – I will be the only guy pushing a dolly up Fort with a pregnant lady hanging on for dear life.

Paul Baldwin