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LETTER: Boys and Girls Club land sale leaves reader asking why

A March 15 public hearing was the first time the public was able to hear directly from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Victoria about its plans to subdivide and sell the back 40 acres of its Metchosin Wilderness Camp. Four months of previous emails and calls to the club had been directed to a real estate development company. Why?

The land contains a Garry oak/arbutus ridge, Douglas fir, a pond and species at risk. It also contains hours of fun in a wild greenspace that builds character and teaches mindfulness and healthy risk taking.

The purchase of the land had been through a targeted capital campaign that incorporated as an attractive element the possibility of ensuring that this ecosystem would be maintained in perpetuity. When people donate money to a capital campaign, their money does go toward a thing, in this case land, but more importantly donors feel they are supporting a ‘Why’; in this case, helping kids develop life skills through wilderness experience. There is a trust between donor and agency that this ‘Why’ will be honoured over time. ‘Why’ matters.

If the Boys and Girls Club is no longer committed to providing these outdoor programs for kids or being stewards of this land, then please do the right thing and meet with those who have ideas for solutions.

The need for kids to experience wilderness close to home is as valid now as in 2007. This ‘Why’ still matters.

Valerie Jaeger