LETTER: Building permit costs shocking


We recently applied for a permit to build a deck onto the back of our single-storey home.

We paid the $100 fee, and a few weeks later, we’re told the permit was ready for pick up. The email also said we would have to put a $3,000 deposit down that would be refunded once the structure passed inspection.

There was no mention of this deposit when we applied for the permit or in subsequent emails, and we weren’t asked for a deposit when we recently installed a new window.

After questioning this, the municipality told us that this was new and was in the bylaw but not on the permit application.

This seems like a money grab as the deposit due for my $2,000 deck is the same if I was doing a $50,000 renovation, and as I have a permit, I’m already on their radar so they can check the work any time they want to.

We don’t have a spare $3,000 lying around, so we’re not going ahead and will lose the $100. We wanted to do this the right way with a permit, but I’m guessing many more people will bypass this process now.

Please make your readers aware of this change, as the financial implications could be pretty devastating for some.

Eddie Atherton



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