LETTER: Canada is worth celebrating

Please add my name to what I’m sure is a very, very long list of those who are vehemently opposed to the cancellation of Canada Day celebrations in Victoria.

Victoria council’s actions in no way represent me or my family – and this action adds just one more item to the long list of reasons why we are just waiting for the day to vote you out.

Honestly, this is hard to fathom – let’s not make any effort to bring Canadians together. Let’s send a message to the rest of Canada that Canada is not something to be celebrated. Let’s not be at all proud of our country. Let’s not make any effort to build unity, at a time when all Canadians need something to motivate them, and something to believe in.

I am thoroughly ashamed of each and every member of council who voted for this. They do not deserve to be called Canadians, or to enjoy the countless benefits we have as Canadians.

Michael Whitehead


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