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LETTER: Central Saanich losing its character

I am writing in support of the letter writer saying residents don’t want North Saanich to become an imitation of Langford, and to sadly warn her she is absolutely correct.

I am a resident of Central Saanich, and I can see that our municipality is already far down this road. Our council has sold its soul for increased tax revenue, and the municipality turns a blind eye to legitimate concerns, glaring infractions and both have turned their backs on the residents who have made this town great.

I encourage anyone to come take a drive down Buena Vista Road, and see what this municipality not only allows, but has the audacity to call a “single-family home.” You can also see many more examples around this once amazing and unique municipality.

Fight while you still can, there is time to save your municipality. Do not let this happen to you. Central Saanich is well on its way to becoming Langford, without the amenities, and twice the traffic congestion in a few short years.

Mike Shoesmith

Central Saanich