LETTER: Central Saanich parking bylaws not enforced

LETTER: Central Saanich parking bylaws not enforced

Central Saanich has one of the least restrictive parking bylaws anywhere I’ve looked. One can park 72 hours before they run afoul of the bylaw. Unfortunately even after 72 hours the municipality does nothing despite being notified early in the 72-hour period, and a reminder when the period expires.

At some locations the extended parking may not be a concern or a bit more latitude may be given because of COVID. Neither apply to a dangerous location where a person for much of the last year has persisted in parking in excess of 72 hours regularly.

Several individuals park their vehicles regularly for closer to 144 hours or more every week in Saanichton. The bylaw officer and other officials have repeatedly been notified of the violation, and yet nothing is done. One individual parks his vehicle on a curve at the end of a cycling lane, and in the morning, especially in foggy conditions, it is an extreme risk for cyclists to merge into the traffic at this location.

Central Saanich’s response when this bylaw violation matter of public safety is raised is to do nothing. Why have a bylaw if it is not enforced?

Norm Ryder

Central Saanich