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LETTER: Clover Point parking will be missed

It seems that Mayor Lisa Helps and council – in their haste to reconfigure Clover Point under Helps’ own words, “change is hard but necessary,” when referring to the loop at Clover Point – have forgotten to mention the 12 parking spots. These spots, which highlighted a fabulous side view of stormy Ross Bay, are already lost at the east side of the entrance road to the loop.

Clover Point, on a good day, sits empty of all but the kite flyers and the people who drove there, mainly because it’s often too breezy to be there. This is especially the case during the work week, wind or not.

On a typical fall or winter day, and especially on stormy ones, there is barely a parking space to be had, not just at Clover Point but all along the whole stretch of Dallas Road from Ogden Point to Ross Bay. This is accurate during the spring and summer as well.

So, Mayor Helps and council members, I ask, what change is necessary? Furthermore, please explain to the thousands of people who go there by car, where would you now expect them to park? If not there, where, on a side street or to just stay away?

If you want a breezy flat public picnic area at Clover Point, place it where the contractors will soon be vacating to the right side of the loop, where they can sit there instead and freeze their buns off.

Dave Paul