LETTER: Construction work on Melrick Place frustrating


What kind of Mickey Mouse operation occurs during construction on Melrick Place? The project has been ongoing for more than a year. When they are not blasting, drilling, or digging up the ground, they are trying to control dust with the noisest roller I have ever heard.

Is there no oversight with this operation? Is there no completion date?

Today I had the pleasure of waking up to a sound that, at first, I thought was a Coast Guard helicopter flying over, but I soon determined that the house-penetrating noise was from the construction site.

I sometimes see a cluster of men when I walk by, but often, not much is happening. How long do the residents have to put up with this?

I’m no construction/building/planning expert, but I know that if you dig out with what seems like one shovel full at a time, it ain’t going to get done!

Too bad that when my young grandchildren came out to visit, I didn’t get them to help with the project as they had their shovels and buckets. At least something would have gotten done.

Finish the job for the sake of the neighbourhood.

Linda Bessant


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