LETTER: Councillor to pay false allegiance

LETTER: Councillor to pay false allegiance

Newly-elected Sooke councillor Tony St. Pierre has made it clear (Mirror, Oct. 31) that he would rather not swear allegiance to the Crown. His reason being that ‘as a French-Canadian, he feels no particular allegiance to the Crown’.

As a French-Canadian descendant, I would remind Mr. St. Pierre that first and foremost, we are all Canadians. I find the position of this newly elected councillor offensive, but because he has the good fortune to be a Canadian, he also has the right to express his feelings.

My only wish is that Mr. St. Pierre had been forthcoming with his comments prior to the election, in order that those of us who find his comments offensive, could have voted accordingly.

Gail Hall (nee Lajeunesse)