LETTER: CRD must build needed infrastructure

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

Re: Kemp Lake foreshore plan should be delayed (Readers’ Letters, Feb. 8)

I am in complete agreement with letter-writer Ken Pungente regarding the development on Kemp Lake, and especially the statement: “This wouldn’t be allowed in the Greater Victoria watershed”.

Kemp Lake has, in fact, been identified as an unreliable drinking water resource years ago by the Capital Regional District.

I walk to the access point every day, and every day I see garbage (including used toilet paper) strewn around left by thoughtless, ignorant people. How would opening even more access change that?

Given that the CRD directors gave themselves handsome raises and robust pats on the backs for doing such a great job, it would seem that their first priority ought to be building what they say is necessary infrastructure.

Allison Barber