LETTER: Crowded out by condos

I was very impressed with the letter from Margaret J. Jestico of Saanichton for its insight on our “Condo City” here in Sidney.

We recently moved to Sidney from Saanichton, and each time I shop in Sidney I am always shocked at how many condos are being built. Whatever was Sidney council thinking of to let it get this bad.

Whatever happened to our lovely Sidney By The Sea. When I walked into Sidney the other morning, at Third and James White, it feels like Zion Canyon in the States. Everything feels so narrow, and what a wind tunnel this will be.

My husband and I hope that they will not go all the way down Third Street with more condos. It really is disturbing, to say the least, and not pleasant to look at either. It has affected so many of our friends living close by, as their views have been taken away. Some of the condos being built, you could pass your dinner to them. The condo at Third and James White is absolutely enormous and looks like an institution.

Developers and council should be ashamed of themselves for spoiling our lovely town.

Carolyne Heard