LETTER: Cut to COVID grant puts seniors at risk

As a low-income senior, I appreciate the monthly $300 COVID Crisis Grant from our B.C. government that has definitely helped me with the extra costs of surviving this pandemic.

It was devastating to hear Premier John Horgan’s decision to take that money away from me and other seniors this month, to replace it with $150, and then cancel it entirely by March 2021. This move by the BC NDP is ill-conceived and cruel.

This questionable plan by Premier John Horgan will put the health and well-being of our poorest seniors at serious risk. First of all, his decision cuts funds to low-income seniors in the cold winter months, making it impossible to afford warm clothing and high-energy food to keep them healthy and well. Secondly, stripping essential resources from seniors while COVID-19 is still raging with record numbers of infections, puts this vulnerable cohort in harm’s way.

Finally, seniors with chronic illnesses are dying from COVID-19 faster than any other demographic. It is unconscionable to reduce support to such an imperilled group of people.

Premier Horgan should reverse his inhumane decision by immediately reinstating the $300 COVID Crisis Grant to low-income seniors until the vaccines kick in and the virus is in retreat.

Doreen Marion Gee