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LETTER: Cyclists not following rules of the road

While the debate goes on about the bicycle lanes in Victoria, I would like to point out that a lot of the problems in traffic are caused by cyclists who continue to break all the traffic laws.

For example, my wife and I often cross the road at the foot of Dock Street to go onto the breakwater. It is often a major challenge as people on bicycles, going well above the speed limit, fail to stop for people on the crosswalk. Bicycle riders, like automobiles drivers, have to obey the traffic laws. This includes stopping for people on a crosswalk or at stop signs on the road.

A second problem is that often cyclists continue to race up along the right side of an automobile where they cannot be seen, often speeding well above the limit. This creates a hazard for both the cyclist and the automobile driver. The traffic laws are there to protect people, and if everybody obeyed these laws there would be far fewer problems.

Henry Fox