(Black Press Media file photo)

(Black Press Media file photo)

LETTER: Dog park needed in Saanich

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Saanich has a great opportunity to fulfill a lot of residents’ wishes, by making a dedicated dog park in their district.

Sidney has a large safe area for dogs to run free. I have used Chilliwack’s safely fenced dog park often, when I visit there. They have a smaller park, with a double gate, a refuse barrel, a covered area and two park benches, which are particularly nice for elderly folk when letting their dog have a playtime. Nearby is a large fenced area, with grass and trees. The same amenities are there for folks with larger dogs.

We who live in Saanich just wish for a dedicated safe dog park, now that the University of Victoria has permanently locked their gates to dogs.

A lot of the congestion at beaches would be eased as well if Saanich had a dedicated dog park.

Jan Cook