LETTER: Editor should do more travelling


Re: Canada’s two-headed climate policy (Opinion, April 28)

Wow! If whoever writes the editorials at the Sooke News-Mirror believes “we have the same atmosphere” worldwide, I might suggest he do a bit of travelling before making such a simplistic statement again.

To suggest that Sooke, or say Digby, N.S., has the same air as Delhi, or Beijing, or Baghdad or Peshawar, is Greta Thunberg-type nonsense.

Large Canadian cities do have dirtier air than small towns, but even they are nowhere near the cesspools that the Beijings of the world possess.

We are blessed by open spaces and vast forests that more than absorb any dirty air we do emit. And let’s get off the manufactured global warming bandwagon.

Does anybody else notice that we have had a very cool and wet spring? Maybe Greta T could help by taking a trip to Manitoba about now and help shovel some of that “white stuff” that just keeps falling there?

Andy Neimers



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