LETTER: Email vote welcome news


I thank Sooke council, which decided to accept emails in future alternative approval process (AAP) voting procedures. The decision will help a democratic tool be more inclusive and allow all Sooke citizens to participate in the community’s vital decisions.

Unfortunately, this voting method was not allowed by council in the AAP vote on the future of John Phillips Memorial Park this summer. I do not doubt that the outcome of the AAP would have been different if email responses were allowed.

It was inferred there was misinformation spread by those opposing the lease proposal. It implies that the more than 1,000 people who took the time to cast their vote were misled and did not make an informed decision.

In the heat of discussions, words were spoken by both sides that would have been better left unsaid but to cast doubt on the credibility of more than 1,000 citizens is unneeded.

William Wallace



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