LETTER: Fairy Creek protesters actions applauded

Re: Get a haircut and a real job (Letters, Sept. 2)

Disparaging comments about the hair length of Fairy Creek protesters do not alter the fact that more than 800 people have been willing to be arrested for drawing attention to the issue of old-growth trees.

The fact that our NDP premier is willing to turn a blind eye to this issue in his home riding speaks volumes about who cares about old growth. And that some aboriginal leaders have also permitted them to be harvested their moral authority to talk about land rights and natural issues. That big money to be made from cutting old-growth stands out on the front page of the Sept. 2 News-Mirror when the special cedar mill at Teal Cedar is mentioned. Indeed!

Some people are willing to put money before 800-year-old majestic trees, so thank goodness for those willing to protest whether they sport long hair or not.

Andy Neimers



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